Protect from Delete GCP project

gcloud projects delete one-click-tbd
Your project will be deleted.
Do you want to continue (Y/n)? YDeleted [].You can undo this operation for a limited period by running the command below.
$ gcloud projects undelete one-click-tbd
See for information on shutting down projects.
gcloud alpha resource-manager liens create \
--restrictions=resourcemanager.projects.delete \
--reason="Super important production system"
Check that is applied:
gcloud alpha resource-manager liens list
p151505267786-la6de8a11-573d-4724-8219-ed5a8669d2d2 Super important production system
gcloud projects delete one-click-not-tobedeleted 
Your project will be deleted.
Do you want to continue (Y/n)? YERROR: (gcloud.projects.delete) FAILED_PRECONDITION: Precondition check failed.
- '@type':
- description: A lien to prevent deletion was placed on the project by [].
Remove the lien to allow deletion.
subject: liens/p151505267786-la6de8a11-573d-4724-8219-ed5a8669d2d2
type: LIEN
- '@type':
- description: Troubleshooting project deletion
- '@type':




Working as Cloud Architect & Software enthusiastic

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Working as Cloud Architect & Software enthusiastic

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