Spanner Database to Postgres

gcloud dataflow jobs run my-export-job \
--gcs-location='gs://dataflow-templates/latest/Cloud_Spanner_to_GCS_Avro' \
--region=us-east1 \
--disable-public-ips \
--service-account-email="" \
--parameters='instanceId=myspannerInstance,databaseId=mydb,outputDir=gs://spanner_backup_01/mydb' \
--max-workers=10 \
createTime: '2021-07-09T01:13:57.582627Z'
currentStateTime: '1970-01-01T00:00:00Z'
id: 2021-07-08_18_13_56-3583574098731082022
location: us-east1
name: my-export-job
projectId: myproject
startTime: '2021-07-09T01:13:57.582627Z'
gcloud dataflow jobs list --project myproject --filter="name=my-export-job" --format=json | jq '.[]|.state'
pip3.6 install psycopg2-binary
pip3.6 install fastavro
pip3.6 install python-snappy
ssh  devuser@i-023841b3311095xx2 -L
import psycopg2
import json
from fastavro import reader
#establishing the connection
conn = psycopg2.connect(
database="mydb", user='myuser', password='mypwd', host='', port= '9090'
#Creating a cursor object using the cursor() method
sql = """INSERT INTO user_imported(identity,identity_type)
with open('user.avro-00000-of-00001', 'rb') as fo:
avro_reader = reader(fo)
line_count = 0
for row in avro_reader:
print("processed for: " + row["identity"] )
cursor = conn.cursor()
line_count += 1
if not (line_count % 1000):
print("No Of Records Processed: " + str(line_count))
except Exception as e:
#Closing the connection




Working as Cloud Architect & Software enthusiastic

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Working as Cloud Architect & Software enthusiastic

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